Know Your Bail Bonds Options

Know Your Bail Bonds Options

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When you're posting bail for yourself or someone else, it's important to know your options. 2B Free Bail Bonds has experience in all types of bail bonds available in California. Our bail bondsman will detail your bail bond options and walk you through the process so you're clear on all terms.

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Which bail bond is best for your situation?

The state of California has several bail bonds options to make posting bail easier on you. Depending on your situation, your options include:

Own recognizance - A defendant may be released without bail if he or she swears to appear for their hearing.
Surety bond - A bail bondsman will front the money for positing bail contingent upon the defendant appearing in court.
Cash bond - The defendant pays the full amount of money to the court to secure a temporary release from jail.
Property bond - The full value of the property must be used as collateral. Any property can be used as collateral.
Federal bond - A federal bond is paid directly to the court. Cash or property can be used in a federal bond.

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